p a l m i s t r y :  a  means of self discovery  

Mackenzie has always been deeply interested in the occult, having taken a love for astrology & mysticism as a young girl. This inclination naturally drew her toward psychology and human behavior as well, seeing as they're quite interlinked, and when she discovered the art of palmistry it tied all of these loose ends of interest together. She proudly studies the scientific art of hand reading under psychotherapist & mystic Ellen Goldberg, M.A at the School of Oracles.

Her attraction to this ancient art struck her spontaneously after trying her luck with a cheap, neon sign psychic in queens. She was greeted by a grouchy woman in a bathrobe and was ushered into an apartment that reeked of cigarettes. The whole reading was utterly and nonchalantly false. Having been told to ask 1 question, Mackenzie pointed to one of the major creases in the palm and asked what it was called. The psychic, seemingly thrilled that she hadn't used her question wisely, told her blankly it was the heart line. No insight was gained from this meeting, but the failure of expectation drove Mackenzie to further her research with hands, feeling some vague but natural trust that something truthful was written on our palms. After several years of vigorous study both by herself and through further mystic education, she has discovered that palmistry is truly her life calling. She offers hand reading through a therapeutic and modern lens and can help others identify their natural advantages & disadvantages in life, hidden talents, as well as pinpoint tons of general character & health traits.

Thus,  Mackenzie is happily & readily available for any array of events, parties, or personal readings via email or in person! 


Rates may apply. 

Contact: mackenziejeangreer@gmail.com